What is On–Air Talent? It really is as simple as it sounds.

An individual who is On-Air Talent is someone on camera or behind the microphone.  However, it takes more than just a pleasant voice and apperance.


Above all else, On-Air Talent must entertain and engage his or her audience.  That means he or she needs to be in touch with what the audience wants and/or needs to know.  As part of the job, he or she may also need to make appearances at different events to help promote the station.  In some cases (especially radio), he or she is also required to provide his or her voice for commercials and other pre-recorded pieces.




There are many other interesting pieces to the broadcast puzzle.  At Specs Howard School of Media Arts, we specialize in developing the foundation skills for success in today’s broadcast industries. We have developed a unique 12 month program that:

    • Meets two days a week in the classroom for lecture and lab time.
    • Contains an additional component of online instruction that can be completed wherever Wi-Fi is available.
    • Provides a Google Chromebook to students for the length of the program to access online assignments.


At Specs Howard School of Media Arts we can train you for the broadcast industry.  Fill out the form and one of our Admission Representatives can help put you in the right direction to begin learning more about the world of broadcasting.



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