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Give yourself an advantage in today's competitive marketplace with the Digital Media Arts program.  In the program you will:

  • Produce a variety of online video content.

  • Learn to film and edit to create online video demanded by today's companies.

  • Create and maintain a basic website of videos you have produced.

  • Transform scripts into completed productions.

  • Edit program material using Adobe Premiere.

  • Work with multiple software programs to create motion graphics including Adobe After Effects.

  • Compress and upload video to the web.


The goal of the Digital Media Arts program is to train graduates to script, storyboard, shoot and edit quality web content for today's online needs.  Two days a week in the classroom are combined with online coursework designed to build both confidence and skills.  MacBook Pro is provided to every student for the length of the program to use for the online component as well as access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps.   


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