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Technology is Changing at a Rapid Pace.

It is creating new methods for communications and the sharing of information. For 44 years change has been part of the Specs Howard story. Industry changes have given way to new courses and content. All of our programs feature Blended Learning Curriculum. You will spend two days a week in the classroom combined with an online componenet that will introduce new concepts and review the skills learned. The online portion is done at your convenience at home on equipment we provide, or in our Resource Center at school.




Whether you picture yourself in front of the camera, on the radio waves, or behind the scenes, at the heart of every broadcast media career is the ability to tell a story. The 12-month Broadcast Media Arts program trains students in the core radio, television and new media broadcasting skills needed to effectively bring stories to life on-air and on the web.




Digital Media Arts students study and practice various aspects of video and online production, including basic videography skills, writing for digital media, non-linear editing, graphics and website creation.




Logos, company branding, illustrations, motion graphics, and web design.The Graphic Design program focuses your education on both print and digital design. The goal of the program is to teach you to produce and present work acceptable for a professional client/designer environment.

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