Graphic Design is...

Graphic Design is Everywhere

Great design has a powerful impact on how we interact with our surroundings, influencing everything from the decisions we make to the emotions we feel. Elements of the design process continuously surround you. Exceptional graphic designers have the power to stimulate our senses and ignite our passions, guiding us through new experiences in everyday life.


Behind every exceptional graphic designer is a strong training program.  At Specs Howard School of Media Arts, our Graphic Design program will help you:

  • become well versed in all aspects of design including print, web design, and digital design
  • learn how to produce and present your work in a professional environment


Your Graphic Design education at Specs Howard School of Media Arts begins by meeting with an Admissions Representative where you will be given a tour of our graphic design facility and learn more about the Graphic Design program. To request your obligation-free meeting, fill out the form and an Admissions Representative will contact you.



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